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Finally, a platform for the "missing links" in your Lab of The Future implementation. Each device is customizable based on your lab workflows, bridging the gap to maximize your LoTF efficiencies.


A technology Platform for Intuitive Efficiencies

Swittons is an advanced technology platform that is individually programmed and deployed into your laboratories to relay information to individuals and existing electronic laboratory solutions, and can also trigger phone and video calls, and more. Swittons fills the gap between the Scientist and your LoTF initiatives by automating the basic needs at the working level – managing the status of different equipment assets, triggering restocking and reordering of supply chain items, opening service tickets, calling a lab runner, enabling viewing of SOPs, notifying about emergencies, and more. Plus, each Switton can be programmed different from the next – so you aren’t forced into a workflow that isn’t yours. Bonus.

Powerful integrations, Portal and Reporting

Swittons can integrate with your existing Lab Support Systems (such as LIMS, eDOC, Trackwise, ServiceNow), and also has a powerful backend portal and reporting system where you can view all of your user CLICKS in one convenient location.


Swittons device can be customized for various laboratory scenarios.
Here are just a few examples:

Point of Equipment Use

  • Open Service Ticket
  • Open User Manual PDF
  • Notify of Temperature Deviation
  • Open Content Listing or Inventory Software (Freezer/Refrigerator)
  • Open Equipment SOP
  • Equipment being used / Log a cycle (example: PCR cycler, GC)
  • Videocall with Supervisor or Team
  • Trigger call to Manufacturer

Point of Assay Use

  • Report OOS or Aberrant Result
  • Open Assay SOP
  • Reorder Reagent(s)
  • Summon a Lab Runner
  • Open Equipment SOP
  • Identify on-site location of reagent supply
  • Trigger call to Manager / SME
  • Trigger chat with Team

Point of Room Use

  • Notification of emergency
  • Notification of spill / cleaning needed
  • Temp / Humidity / Room Controls need to be checked
  • Click when entering / exiting (occupancy notification)
  • Summon Lab Runner (for reagent picking)

For Each Person

  • Open Service Software (ServiceNow)
  • Need Lab Runner (example - reagent picking)
  • Open Videocall with Team
  • Open SOP software
  • Emergency

Or a combination of any of the above - we can customize to each specific device


Video & Phone Calls

Swittons has integrated with Microsoft Teams to bring a whole new level of customer service for the Life Sciences industry. Scientists can now initiate a Microsoft Teams meeting with their coworkers or management through a simple click of a button at a time that fits into their schedules. Having the ability to open this new channel of engagement saves more time, increases service area, and reduces risk of many face-to-face interactions.

Automate your Workflow with Swittons:

  • Trigger equipment maintenance
  • Open equipment service ticket
  • Indicate equipment availability
  • Trigger a video call
  • Reorder reagents
  • Re-stock pipettes, flasks, disposables
  • Summon a Lab Runner to bring something
  • Notification of a spill or needed cleaning
  • Open SOP software
  • Alert in an emergency
  • Tally stock in supply stockroom

You can have multiple devices with multiple different functions and users. Brilliant

Imagine deploying Swittons to your Scientists. Increased efficiencies, Without adding time to their day. Brilliant.
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