Want more interactions with Physicians?
Put a "Virtual Rep" on their desk...

Swittons "Virtual Rep" Desktop Device

Swittons is a desktop “Virtual Rep” for Physicians – a secure engagement button which offers real-time communication between the Physician and Pharma, using 4 programmable buttons. Customizable to fulfill your most common Physician requests.

Your Physician has a need? They just CLICK a button.

Saves Valuable Time

Physicians want more time with patients, and you want more efficiency with your Teams. Swittons streamlines the most frequent Physician requests and removes time-consuming steps of emails, phone calls, and unnecessary visits. Bringing you cost savings.

Let Physicians control their Schedule...

Physicians want a change in the relationship with Pharma reps - listen to them, and give them what they need. Swittons enables all of this - putting Physicians in charge of asking for needs. Engage with Swittons and watch your relationships grow.

4-Button Customizable Actions

What are your frequent requests from Physicians in the field? Your needs can be pre-programmed as buttons on the device. Flexible utility, right on their desk.

Branded Digital Channel of Communication

Want more face-time on Physician desktops? Utilize branded functionality - adding value through efficiency. Be a leader, not a follower. Remember Blockbuster video? Neither do we...

Swittons Use Cases

From conception to completion, the various use cases provide solutions for numerous scenarios. Amplification with Swittons brings power to your product, and augments your current Sales strategies:

  • New brand launch
  • White space coverage
  • Expanded reach to lower decile targets
  • Engagement with no-access Prescribers
  • Medical affairs utility
  • Reduce workload on Reps 
  • Cover non-promoted brands
  • Coverage during restructuring and long term vacant territories
  • Specialty products and ordering
  • Medical device service orders

Imagine deploying Swittons to thousands of Physicians in your whitespace. With one click, samples are shipped. Brilliant.