Listen to them. Change things for the better. Better everything.

P360 conducted an independent survey of 100 licensed physicians in the United States and asked them a question that every pharma and biotech company wants to know:

“What is the message from YOU to Pharma companies, to make Rep visits more meaningful and efficient?”

The results might surprise you. Physicians want more from Pharma. It’s clear they are sending a message that things need to change. Check out our full list of UNEDITED responses:

  1. Just need the facts
  2. Bring samples
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Don’t come to lecture me on what I already know about your drugs
  5. Be on time, have free samples and brochures and be well-prepared to present research relevant to your products.
  6. Keep it brief unless you have new information or a new product
  7. I really don’t need your help unless I initiate contact
  8. My message to the Pharma companies, to make the Reps visit more meaningful and efficient would be, that they come prepared and are knowledgeable about the medicine they are selling.
  9. More streamlined
  10. Bring your knowledge and samples to back them up.
  11. Don’t waste my time. You are taking away time for patients and family.
  12. Have a message to convey or some form of assistance to provide if possible
  13. Most recent drug research and drugs in development
  14. Quick
  15. I don't know, be efficient and to the point
  16. Email/ phone is best
  17. Short, 10 min presentations
  18. Don't be pushy
  19. Make the visits more quick
  20. Schedule times to come in
  21. Come with patient education materials.
  22. Too much schmoozing
  23. Key points. 2 minutes means 2 minutes.  I don’t want handouts that aren’t clinical tools. They are garbage.
  24. Make them more specific and tailored to each visit
  25. Less fluff and more facts
  26. Show the data on efficacy of the drug
  27. Schedule appointment in advance
  28. Samples and basic literature
  29. My organization prohibits pharmaceutical reps
  30. Always schedule visits
  31. Don’t come unannounced
  32. Cost of drugs and formulary status
  33. Offer more personalized presentations, not just the generic message that is given to all providers. A personal connection goes a long way and gains my trust about the product.
  34. Be prepared
  35. More information about side effects
  36. Fewer visits, always by appt, no drop-in visits
  37. Practice overall brevity
  38. I would need cost, insurance coverage, results of medical studies, and indications
  39. More copay help
  40. More information and samples are needed for office
  41. Please call ahead pre-empting sending samples
  42. Useful information presented concisely and efficiently
  43. Be honest and quick
  44. Please understand that I have patient's interests at heart and really want the best for them. It is not helpful to tell me most insurances cover your product, if there are exceptions, I need to know.  Any information on cost would be helpful because patients ask and likely I don't know what the cost through a pharmacy will be without some guidance.  While I am excited to try new medications,  I may not have a patient that qualifies for those medications at this time, so may need a follow up information call or visit to help make sure I am using the drug appropriately.  Please know I have other ways to get information as well and likely use those on a regular basis, like, colleagues, and Continuing Education Meetings.
  45. Good job and keep it up
  46. Efficiency, accuracy and punctuality
  47. They should visit more often
  48. Lower your prices
  49. Work on making drugs very effective and efficient
  50. Create more online pages to assist in easy information assess
  51. Quick info with easy literature to read
  52. Their promotion and MRP percentages
  53. The technology should be improved and having more conference on it to enhance patients understanding
  54. More education
  55. They should be provided with basic amenities to ensure work is done properly
  56. Short info without pushing for more in-depth visits
  57. Make medications affordable
  58. To bring more efficient and latest drugs
  59. Always offer quality service
  60. Don’t always have information about the same drugs, talk about different drugs each visit
  61. To offer best service
  62. Be available and embrace ICT to pass information
  63. Operational efficiency and accuracy would make for a more effective exchange if there were more options for electronic communications beforehand.
  64. They should always seek customer opinion and schedule a meeting more through video call.
  65. Prefer no visits
  66. More time to attend them and to know more about the products they present
  67. Quality and product
  68. Brief focus
  69. Keep up the good work
  70. Formal communication message through email or mobile phone
  71. Make drugs of best quality
  72. Make your visitation worth it be positive about your product and service, don't postpone the scheduled visitation it may affect the doctors plan for the day. All is well
  73. Be punctual
  74. Keep visits brief and to the point. Keep contact to minimal and essential communication
  75. Kindly check in for test drugs samples as we would need them soonest.
  76. Just that we can have the visit mid-day and it's no longer than about 30 minutes.
  77. The visits should be handled by highly trained professionals.
  78. Take more time
  79. There should be better communications and understanding between both parties and their customer service should be quick and effective
  80. Know why this drug is the best option vs competitor
  81. Make sure you include the risks!
  82. I love when they know the costs with different insurance at different retailers
  83. I think they should save people's lives by producing new and effective drugs
  84. More feedback from both sides
  85. Be on time and right away on point , no time wasting talks
  86. Be knowledgeable of what you sell
  87. Make things more electronic
  88. Provide samples, brochures, discounts and skilled reps
  89. Easy Describe drug Performances.
  90. I like face to face visits with sales reps
  91. Tailored to my needs
  92. Respect my time
  93. We get too many at my office but just making sure there is a purpose and not oversell the company
  94. Donate money to charity, reduce med costs
  95. I need more relevant information in concise formats

Yes, we can help with solutions to your pain points. We offer Swittons, a “Virtual Rep” you can distribute to your physicians, and BirdzAI, an e-solution to manage pharma sales organizations.

But this wasn’t about trying to sell you something. It’s about sharing the truth and powering your business to operate at a higher degree of resonance with your primary customer – physicians, who ultimately impact patients. Take pause on the Physician comments. And do something about it.

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