Next Generation Enterprise IoT Solution

Revolutionizing the Management of Enterprise Orders, with a cutting-edge device which processes ANY sales or service order, and uses your existing CRM or ERP systems. A 1-Click solution that is customizable and brand-able, with multiple versions for enhanced connectivity and security. Your customers frequently order or request the same 1-4 items? Swittons is perfect for you!

Is Swittons right for your business?

Be Part of the IoT Revolution

Let our solution bring you "enterprise-volume" sales and service orders at the click of a button. Take your integrative sales approach to the next level with enhanced IoT technology and provides a seamless conduit between you and the customer, bringing you more volume in less time, with fewer interactions.

Remote Functionality

Our stand-alone devices are meant to reside at your customer's fingertips - providing unobtrusive, 1-click ordering capability.

Advanced Security and Connectability

The Switton is available in Wifi or GSM configurations, with or without fingerprint authentication for various levels of security. FCC approved.

Agile Design

Each of the 4 buttons can be programmed with your needed "Action" - such as order placement or request a phone call - and can easily be adjusted to meet the needs of your changing business.

Easy Integration

Setup is performed remotely, with minimal work by your customer - a plug and play desktop IoT device - also provides seamless linkage to your existing CRM and ERP systems.

" … a new concept popped into my head: ‘the digital nervous system’ … A digital nervous system consists of the digital processes that enable a company to perceive and react to its environment, to sense competitor challenges and customer needs, and to organize timely responses …"
Swittons - team with superhero
Is Swittons right for your business?

The IoT Revolution

Combining cutting edge IoT technology with a simple, aesthetic design, the Swittons can bring you Enterprise solutions for your company, even globally. Increase your connectivity with your customers, increase your sales and service volume - easier than before.

Swittons - male closeup
Is Swittons right for your business?

Industry-leading attention to detail

We can integrate your branding onto the Switton, and broadcast your message like never before - visible on the desktops of your customers. Providing a different, seamless level of communication - securely and efficiently, while being virtually unnoticed in their environment - with much more functionality than a branded notepad. One click away from your next order!


The Switton is 1.8" x 2.1" x 0.8", occupying less than 4 square inches of space. Standard 110V charging capacity, micro-USB port, charging LED indicator, and 4 versions to select from - Wifi or GSM, with optional fingerprint authentication.

Easy Integration

Setup is performed remotely through our Custom Support department - aligning your click settings with your business needs. Connectivity through the internet or cellular connections, easy integration with your existing CRM or ERP systems.

"We took control of our data which gave us competitive advantage in the marketplace and allowed us transparency to data at the business level not requiring technical expertise."
- Senior Director
Large Pharma