83% of organizations that employ Iot technology have reported a significant increase in business efficiency1

Swittons is an advanced IoT platform that revolutionizes your enterprise digital transformation journey. Place a Switton where you need automation or communication. Each device is customizable and brandable. Brilliant.

Better Time Management
Better Communication with staff and clients
Better Decision-Making and Analytics
switton-icon Better Everything.

Swittons is different, in a Better way:

  • Unlimited use case potential
  • 4-button automation
  • Various models to choose from
  • Each device can be uniquely programmed
  • Variety of functions available in each button: text, call, video, or integration with existing systems
  • RFID authentication capability
  • WiFi or Cellular connectivity
  • Powerful backend dashboards and reporting
  • Battery technology
  • Customizable branding
  • SaaS application
  • Ability to remotely program
  • Data integrations (e.g. Veeva)
  • Prebuilt workflows for e-signatures
  • FCC Certified

Three Swittons models:


Powerful dashboard and analytics

dashboard dashboard dashboard

Better behavioral insights. Better, faster decisions. Better everything.


Where can Swittons be used?

Anywhere you have 4 tasks and want better time savings. Here’s some common examples:

Lab of the Future

  • Open service ticket
  • Request equipment calibration
  • Restock equipment supplies

Supply Chain

  • Reorder or restock various units for manufacturing, labs, even office supplies
  • Communicate with management

Patient Trial Wellness

  • Wellness check
  • Ask questions
  • Request a call
  • Appointment reminder

Lab Support

  • Restock pipettes
  • Restock gloves
  • Refill tubes
  • Restock saline

Physician Desks

  • Request samples
  • Talk to MSL
  • Talk to Sales Rep
  • Request coupons
Remember, each device can have different programming - greater flexibility for you.

What are your possibilities?

Customer Successes

Major Pharma Use Case: HCP Engagement

Pain points:

  • Reduction in field sales reps, pharmacy substitutions of product

Swittons Goals:

  • Branding in forefront
  • Rx lift through workstream automation and attention to brand
  • Pre-empt pharmacy substitution by creating high-engagement with physicians supporting new patients

Button Labels:

  • Sales Rep
  • Samples
  • Savings Program
  • Medical Information

The Client is a world-renowned pharmaceutical company, and a leader in several product verticals. The company had a desire to amplify interactions between pharma and physicians and drive further lift within a specific brand due to increasing pharmacy substitutions of higher-dose generics. They initially researched other devices and selected Swittons due to customizability, brandability, reporting and analytics.

Mid-Size Pharma Use Case: HCP Engagement

Pain points:

  • Downsized entire sales force, needs to maintain PCP audience

Swittons Goals:

  • Coverage of HCP communication
  • Lift through automation of basic requests

Button Labels:

  • Medical Affairs
  • Availability & Coverage
  • Product Samples
  • Medical Information

The Client is a mid-sized pharma company with quick decision-making, strong agility and a trending product. The company wanted to amplify HCP awareness of the product and was looking for automation of their sampling workflow - all of this while staying connected to HCPs with no sales presence in the territories. They selected Swittons to bridge communication by automating the basic requests and branding the devices specific to their drug. During deployment phases, they engaged the HCP offices in creative ways to increase physician engagement.

Major Pharma Use Case: Lab Efficiency

Pain points:

  • Low efficiency movement of laboratory personnel, reagent ordering, equipment use allocation

Swittons Goals:

  • Transform laboratories into digital era
  • Increase efficiencies across reagent ordering, equipment issues, IT requests

Button Labels:

  • Call Manager
  • IT Request
  • Machine Failure
  • Order Reagent

The Client is interested in increased efficiencies within internal research laboratories. Target workstreams include reagent ordering, communications with manager and laboratory teams, e-triggering of equipment service requests, digitizing equipment availability notifications, possible MS Teams integration for ease of video calling, and others. Swittons is designed to reside in multiple areas within labs, aligned to areas targeted for increased workstream.

How do you design your Swittons?

Identify Locations Identify Tasks Select Buttons Design Label Voila!


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1.IoT Heading for Mass Adoption by 2019 Driven by Better-Than-Expected Business Results, 2017, Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Company