Office safety for sales reps and physicians

HCP Office & Patient Safety is the new Marketing Differentiator – Pharma needs to Follow

My coworker told a story about taking his young child to the pediatrician recently, in this new COVID world, and the office processes had completely changed. They installed new doors that opened by
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Physician on the phone with pharma sales rep.

Are You Using Your Whitespace as a Pharma Marketing Incubator? – From a Former Sales Rep

What is Whitespace? For arguments in this piece, we will define whitespace as those territories that have no sales reps in their geography and those offices that are refusing to see reps.  According
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Pharma Sales Rep on the phone with physicians

Why Remote Communication with Physicians is Needed NOW- From a Sales Executive

Over the past few decades, pharmaceutical sales reps’ access has steadily decreased, and it has become increasingly tough for them to deliver a strong, in-person sales presentation.  The old stand-by approach would be
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Business man using IoT device for healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology data

Why IoT is Essential in Pharma

The world is rapidly undergoing a technological revolution, and many companies are making use of the benefits it has to offer. Of these technological advancements, the Internet of Things (IoT) stands prominent, especially
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IoT in the pharma industry

Top 6 Ways Pharma Industry Can Harness the Potential of IoT

Like many other industries, the internet of things has the power to revolutionize the Pharma industry completely. Pharmaceutical companies can leverage the benefits that this technology has to offer in manufacturing plants, the
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Sales rep talking to physicians remotely at his desk

Common Challenges Impacting Your Pharma Sales Teams From A Former Sales Rep

Every pharma rep in the field knows that there is no substitute for a face to face conversation with an HCP whose practice is filled with people who match your patient profiles. It’s
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Doctor holding Swittons device Swittons press release

P360/Swittons – Press Release – April 2020

For Immediate Release Contact: Brian Fitzgerald 808-754-0437 Swittons by P360 now Available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace Microsoft Azure customers worldwide now gain access to P360’s Swittons IoT device to enable remote
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Swittons Featured on NJBIZ

Swittons Featured On NJBIZ

Our remote physician engagement device, Swittons, was recently featured on NJBIZ by Anthony Vecchione. NJBIZ is the only weekly business journal that covers the entire state of New Jersey and has won numerous awards both
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Sales rep talking to physician remotely

4 Ways To Boost Remote HCP Engagement During Pandemic

Is remote physician engagement a priority for you? Here are 4 strategies to engage your HCP’s during this difficult time and emerge as an industry leader. As the Coronavirus continues to sweep across
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Coronavirus spreading due to handshaking.

Free Swittons For Pharma Reps & Physicians During Pandemic Situations

We are dedicated to servicing the needs of our local and global communities in times of need. As a provider of remote technology, we are offering FREE Swittons remote technology, so your pharmaceutical
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Remember Blockbuster? Neither do we

If you don’t want to get left behind, you might owe it to yourself (and your company) to evaluate some of the trends in IoT devices that are sweeping all industries. IoT devices
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Read their mind? How a device lets you know what customers are thinking.

You may have heard of the “Internet of Things” (or, IoT for short), but if not, here’s a small tidbit – it’s the idea of taking anything that has an on/off switch and connecting it with the internet.
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Symb-IoT-ic Business Relationship. How is IoT mutually beneficial?

Did you ever look at a clown fish and realize there is a mutually beneficial relationship with the anemone where they live?
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